Filthy Beasts is a family owned bussiness, We are all from the equestrian world and have our own horses and we know how important it is to look after your rugs and get the best performance and longest life from them. As a family business we’re just as concerned about our environment and our impact on it as you are.

We constantly seek to reduce water and energy consumption and by precise use of detergents and proofing agents. All our waste water is pumped into a reed bed and all pre washes are done using harvested rain water.

We use environmentally friendly products like Nikwax for washing and reproofing. All our rugs are washed in disinfectant to prevent disease in a cold wash using a oxygen based product, we are proud we are a true green bussiness who is concerned about our  environmental impact.


Controlling Cross Contamination

Filthy Beasts is concerned about the spread of disease. All our batches of rugs are processed seperately to avoid unnecessary cross contamination, all rugs are disinfected as are our machines and our equipment.

We are the only bussiness able to handle rugs with known infection like Lice or Ringworm, Strangles and any other issues. We have dedicated processes for each type of contamination and these rugs are kept completely seperate to avoid cross contamination. We collect all the rugs and deliver them back to you, this way you know who is handing your rugs.

If you suspect you have infection on your rugs please let us know, so we can work with you and your vets, we never disclose any of our clients to anyone especially if there is a contamination or outbreak.


Cold Washing, Rinsing and Natural Drying

At Filthy Beasts  we cold wash and dry the rugs naturally either in the sunshine or in our purpose built drying rooms, with no direct heat, we also have large dryers to make sure your rug is completely dry, we have our own in house repair service along with a deadicated bagging and store room.
Together these methods ensure your rug does not shrink, change shape or lose the integrity of seams and linings which often lose their insulating properties when washed

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that in the unlikely event your horse rug is lost or damaged by us we will provide a like-for-like replacement, who else offers this service?

Should you be unhappy with our services we guarantee to work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.