Rugwash Services

Filthy Beasts is the horse rug cleaning and repair service to use in Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. We are serious about controlling cross contamination and we at Filthy Beasts are concerned about the spread of disease. All our batches of rugs are processed seperately to avoid unnecessary cross contamination, all rugs are disinfected as well are our machines and our equipment. We are the only Business able to handle rugs with known infection like Lice or Ringworm, Strangles and any other issues. We have dedicated processes for each type of contamination and these rugs are kept completely separate to avoid cross contamination. We collect all the rugs and deliver them...

Washing Your Horse Rug

Here at Filthy Beasts we use Nikwax rug wash in the washing machine cycle, all our rugs get disinfectant applied to them in the wash which have been programmed by us using auto dosing.


This process is performed in the washing machine so all the rug is reproofed, the outer, the inner wadding and the lining. All Nikwax products are safe to humans, horses and the Environment. If you need extra proof applied to your rugs we can do that, normally at no extra charge. We use a product that we have help developed to assist with rugs of a certain age where sun has damaged the outer lining, this product will protect your rug from the suns rays.

Repairing Your Horse Rugs

Our experienced in house machinists carry out all repairs out and we will advise you if the repair is economically viable. We carry spares buckles new and second hand so we can keep the costs of repair down. We will use new or old stripped rugs material to match your rug a best we can. We will do as little or as much as you want to spend on repairs. You can even supply your own material from old rugs if you want. We are flexible. We have a special heated room to store the rugs before they are bagged,...